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When it comes to air conditioning repairs in Adelaide, Fawcett Electrical is your one stop shop for fast, reliable and professional service.

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Fawcett Electrical have the tools and experience for a reliable air conditioning repair that’ll have your system up and running as quickly as possible. We work with all major brands and air conditioning systems in Adelaide.

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Different types of Air Conditioning:

Split Systems / Inverters:
Split systems can be supplied for almost any area of the home or business, at an affordable price. A split system is one of the most popular types of systems on the market today. Split systems are designed to be able to heat / cool a single room or zone.

Evaporative Cooling
Evaporative coolers are a stand alone system that sits on the roof which are designed to cool and filter the air. Hot outside air is drawn through a water-moistened filter and then blown through the house. To work effectively, windows and/or doors must be left open so this moist air can be exhausted from the house.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems
A ducted split system, just like a split system, consist of an outdoor compressor unit along with an indoor unit. Instead of the unit using a wall mounted indoor unit, it uses in-ceiling unit, with ducts that attach to ceiling or wall registers. A ducted split air conditioner system is able to heat or cool certain areas of your home (called zones) or the entire house.

Refrigerated Air Conditioners
Refrigerated units consist of an indoor and outdoor coil. These are connected by a pipe carrying a refrigerant gas. As warm air is drawn over the internal coil, heat from this air is absorbed by the refrigerant and carried to the external coil where it is released outside. At the same time any water in the room air condenses on the cold internal coil and is then drained away. The resulting air blown back into the room is now cooler, less humid and usually filtered. Some units also provide a small amount of fresh air from outside the room.

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